Free Moon Phase Widget For Your Website

How to use the Daily Moon Phases (Current Phase) Module

If you'd like to check the moon phases every day, here is a handy little module for you to use. You can use it in two ways:

1. Customize it and put it on your website or blog (use the form below). 2. Bookmark it in your web browser (see Q & A below).

Because the module shows the current moon phase at any given moment, you can check it any time of day. For more detailed, more accurate moon data including past and future phases, look at QuickPhase Pro.

To add a moon phases module to your website, use the form below. Simply choose the module you want, then click "Show Module and Get HTML". Or, you can customize it by changing any of the fields shown. Then highlight ALL the HTML, copy, and paste it wherever you want it to appear on your webpage.

For a version that does not use Flash, please see this page on our other website,

Customize This Moon Module For Your Website or Blog

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If the module is not working on your website, or if you are using the module on LiveJournal, you could try this version which does not use Flash or Javascript. Hosted by our moon website,

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Questions and Answers

Q: I don't have a website. Can I view the daily moon phases another way
A: You can check the moon phases any time you are connected to the internet by visiting this link:

Q: The module shows a "Play" button - can I get rid of it?
A: The Play button is because the central area of the module uses Flash. To avoid that, you can try this version on our other website, It uses an image and minimal styling, instead of Flash or Javascript which can be blocked, restricted or require the play button.

Q: What time zone are the phase calculations based on?
A: The viewer's time zone. Specifically, calculations are based on the viewer's computer clock, which is assumed to be correctly set for their time zone (date and time). As the viewer, YOU will see the module based on YOUR time zone (your computer's clock). This means that if your computer settings are off by, let's say, 1 day, then the moon module will also be off by 1 day for you -- other viewers will of course be unaffected. On Windows computers, double-clicking the time display in the bottom system tray brings up your current settings.

Q: Why does the moon module time zone (GMT offset) appear to be wrong by an hour? Does it work with Daylight Saving Time (DST)?
A: The moon module shows your ACTUAL hours offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as set by your computer, which is not necessarily equal to your standard time zone. This is best explained by an example: If your standard time is GMT -6:00 but you are ahead one hour because of DST, then the module will show GMT -5:00, which is your true or actual time adjustment from GMT. As mentioned in the previous Question, if your computer date, time, time zone and DST settings are correct, rest assured that the module is working properly.

Q: I am seeing a blank area with a red "X".
A: You need to install the Flash Player plug-in for your browser. Visit to get the latest version. Note that Flash is not supported in Apple's mobile devices (iPhones, iPads; try this instead).

Q: The module is showing a "Q" with a question mark "?" instead of the moon. Why?
A: This means that QuickTime (the movie player from Apple) has taken over the handling of Flash content and is failing to display the moon module. The module contains a Flash file, *not* a QuickTime movie. In general, this error can be fixed inside QuickTime advanced preferences, where you should disallow QuickTime from handling Flash. Your situation may differ, but here are some specific methods that have reportedly worked for others that you could try, keeping in mind that this might also disable Flash content that is embedded inside an actual QuickTime movie (not a common scenario though). Option A) Go into the advanced area of QuickTime preferences and uncheck the "enable flash" preference. Restart your browser. And/or, option B) Open Quicktime Control Panel, select Browser tab (or for QuickTime 6 or earlier, select "Browser Plug-in" from drop-down menu). Click the "Mime settings" button and uncheck "Flash media" or "Flash file" under "Miscellaneous". Restart your browser. And/or option C) A general tip: You could try disabling Flash handling in the Outpost>Tracks area of preferences.

Q: The module isn't working on my website. I'm sure I copied all the code exactly as shown above. What is wrong?
A: Most likely, your webhost does not allow Javascript which is used by the module. If your webhost does not allow Javascript, you can check the box above that says 'No Javascript'. However, please first check with your webhost to verify, because it's better to leave Javascript as it streamlines the Flash display in Internet Explorer. If the module still doesn't work, then your webhost might not allow Flash embed code (required).

Another related problem is HTML-editing software or online website builders that alter the code. You must find a way to view the HTML source code of your page or site template, and paste the module directly into the code.
If you are seeing a red "X" or a "Q" with a question mark "?" instead of the moon, see previous Answers above.

Q: I am having trouble adding the module to my WordPress blog.
A: Some users have had successful results checking the first box (Option 1) to bypass the use of Javascript.

Q: I am having trouble adding the module to my Blogger blog.
A: Go to Layout -> Page Elements. Click the "Add a Gadget" link and choose the "HTML/Javascript" option or the "Text" option. The module code goes in the Content textbox.

Q: I am having trouble adding the module to my Joomla website.
A: Solution 1: Go to, and under Extensions, search for "Mod_HTML", which will allow you to use Javascript. Or, Solution 2: Go to the user manager and temporarily choose the "No Editor/No WYSIWYG Editor" setting for the user that you are using, then try pasting in the moon module code. You could also try creating a new super administrator user with that setting and logging in with that user anytime you want to edit raw HTML.

Q: Can I change the appearance of the module?
A: You cannot alter the bookmarked module or the Google homepage module. However, if you are using the module on your website, and if you know some HTML or CSS, it is possible to make minor style changes to the appearance -- assuming those changes cannot already be done using the styling options in the code generator above. But in all cases: 1) The "lunar phases" text link must remain unaltered. 2) You are not allowed to remove any of the links pointing back to 3) All of the copyright notices within the code must remain intact. 4) The internal code including source Flash, Javascript and any images must remain hosted on servers; you cannot "grab" those files and host them on your site without prior permission. If you have any requests, questions or suggestions, contact me (see "contact" at the bottom of the Calculator Cat home page).