Online Speed Typing Test

So, how fast can you type? The simple typing test calculator below will calculate your speed (words per minute). Try it! It's fun, but if you're serious about improving your keyboarding skills, check out the typing software recommendations below. Plus I've added a few simple tips.

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How typing tests are calculated

The most important and basic score is "words per minute", or "wpm" for short. Often, this is a corrected score, where each error made during the test reduces the "words per minute" by one. Another common score is an accuracy percentage -- which is simply the number of words you got right compared to how many you typed. For instance, 90% accuracy means you averaged 9 out of 10 words right.

Take The Typing Test

Please note that this module gives a straight words per minute score (meaning it is not "accuracy adjusted").

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Typing Tips

Here are a some basic tips, summarized from various typing tutorials and lessons. These tips are useful for taking tests as well as everyday keyboarding:

  • Tap on each key crisply but lightly. If you use minimum force (don't bang on the keys), your fingers will move faster.
  • Type as quickly as you are able, but don't "try" too hard or force your speed or you'll make many mistakes.
  • Relax!
  • Use proper posture, sit upright.
  • Keyboard/monitor positioning: your wrist, elbows and keyboard should be on the same horizontal plane, and at a 90 degree angle to your upper arms.
  • The top of your screen should be near eye level.
  • Stretch your wrists and fingers before starting a typing test (don't laugh, it does help!).

Software Recommendations

Without doubt, the best way to gain speed is by using typing software. In looking around the web, I've come across some good programs.

Everyone has their own opinion, but I personally really like the first two listed here. You could learn to type up to 4 times faster using professional touch-typing techniques. You will often notice a difference almost immediately.

TypingMaster - well known around the web, has gotten great reviews from users, and includes typing games. The company has several versions to choose from, along with an advanced free typing test. - Best choice for kids! Kids learn to type by playing a fun treasure hunt game with "Captain Forty" and typing skill is learned automatically along the way.

Key Advantage Typing - received 4 stars from Cnet review editors, and it works on Macintosh as well as Windows

More Information

You can find more speed-typing information by looking on the search engines. Please also check back or bookmark this site so you won't miss any updates to this page. We can notify you of any updates to the typing module here Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.