Latitude And Longitude Lookup

The following websites are the best I've found for looking up or finding your latitide and longitude online (for free, of course). Each link will open in a new window. Websites do change ... so if the links no longer work, let me know (use the "contact" link at the bottom of the home page).

If you have Google Earth installed, try it first. If you have not yet tried Google Earth, I highly recommend it! It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Along with the ability to get latitude/longitude coordinates for worldwide locations, the program is simply amazing.

If you do not want to install Google Earth, and you live in the United States, try this site first: (see instructions below)

For other locations worldwide try this site: (look below for instructions)

Another site to use to find coordinates for a United States location is the following. It provides latitude/longitude in decimal numbers only. To convert to degrees, minutes, seconds, see the calculator below.

If you want to learn more about latitude and longitude (maps, definitions/explanations) go here:

Decimal to Minutes-Seconds Converter

The following calculator converts decimal latitude/longitude to degrees, minutes, and seconds. Note that "South" latitudes and "West" longitudes convert to negative decimal numbers.

degrees = deg  min  sec  
degrees = deg  min  sec  

Find Your Latitude/Longitude - Instructions


Type your city or town name in the "Location Name:" field. Select your "State". Choose "Populated Place" to narrow the results (to get more results, choose "Search All"). Click the result that best matches your location. You will then see the detail page with coordinates. As an example, the page might show:

Degrees Minutes Seconds:
Latitude: 415100N
Longitude: 0873900W

For Latitude, "415100N" means "41 51 00 N", or "41 deg, 51 min, 00 sec N (north)".

For Longitude, "0873900W" means "087 39 00 W", or "87 deg, 39 min, 00 sec W (west)" - note that the first 3 digits go together.

Or you can use the "Decimal Degrees" format if that's what you need.

You can always use the "Decimal to Minutes-Seconds Converter" above to convert between the two formats.


Type your city in the "Find Name" field. Then click "Search". Your town or city should be listed among the results. If you get too many results, you can type "inhabited place" or "city" into the "Place Type" field. If your city isn't found, you may be able to find a nearby city.

Click on your location in the results. On the page that comes up, look for the "Coordinates" section.

Your latitude coordinate is listed after the "Lat" label, for example: "Lat: 60 31 00 N degrees minutes". The important part is the 3 numbers and the letter. The letters N and S are abbreviations for North and South.

Your longitude is similar; it will look something like "Long: 121 17 00 W degrees minutes" (E means East, W means West).

Of course, your coordinate numbers will be different! This is just an example.

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