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The following calculators range from very simple to more complex, but even the simple ones can be surprisingly useful. Check them out! Please note that most of these are adapted from public domain scripts written by others, so bugs may exist (let us know if you see any).

circle solver
area of shapes
expression solver
function grapher
graphing formulas
prime number calculator
pythagorean theorem
quadratic equation
greatest common factor
factors calculator
fibonacci sequence
fractions calculator
percent gain
bubble sort

Health/Fitness/Weight Loss:
body mass index (bmi)
calorie calculator for running
target training heart rate
blood alcohol content
calculator & weight watchers review

miles per gallon
credit card payoff calculator
mortgage/amortization table
best price example
ad banner calculator

simple scientific calculator
difference between dates
day of week calculation
world clock
Color Slider (RGB to hex)
airport distances
wind chill calculator
your age in dog years
periodic table
astrological birth sign
download speed calculator


We'll be adding more games here over time. For now, here are a few fun, simple games. They do not use Flash, so no special plug-ins are required!

tic tac toe
hangman 1
hangman 2
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