Attention -- Fishermen, hunters, gardeners, hikers, photographers, teachers, researchers, psychologists, New Age enthusiasts, paranormal investigators, astrologers, astronomers, dieters (and more) ...

"Discover The Fun And Easy Way To Explore The Phases Of The Moon — Past And Future!"

(Why care about the moon phase? Because knowing the details of the moon's phase gives you a distinct advantage in your chosen activity! The moon affects nature and all living things. Increase your fishing catch, find trophy bucks, predict animal activity, enjoy a lush garden, stunning star gazing without moonlight, plan hiking and photography trips, track the paranormal, study human behavior, markets or historical events, even lose weight on moon-phase dieting plans ... whatever your interests, this program makes it simple to follow the moon.)

moon phase software
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  • Moon Phase Software Available For Instant Download Over The Internet or on CD
  • You'll Know The Exact Moon Phase, Position, Moonrise and Moonset Times ... At Any Moment Within Hundreds of Years
  • Monthly Moon Phase Calendars
  • Accurate Calculations That Make Your Moon-Dependent Activities Successful
  • You'll Save Time and Money
  • No Setup Required To View Moon Phases - Automatically Works Anywhere In The World ... Including Southern Hemisphere
  • Simple, Easy Setup To Calculate Moon Position
  • Runs Immediately -- No Installation Needed
  • Beautiful, Inspiring Graphics
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • FREE "Images of the Moon" e-book
  • FREE Moon Wallpaper
  • FREE Screensaver

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"This a fantastic app! I've been looking for something like this for a while, but nothing fit the bill ... If you're interested in the moon for whatever reason: scientific, aesthetic, spiritual...whatever, I highly recommend this program. This is so much more elegant than having to go to the U.S. Naval Observatory website every time you want to know what mi bella Luna is up to."

- Dr. Sheppard
Dr. Sheppard's Electric Medicine Show
Huntsville, Alabama
Dear Friend,

f you are interested in ... (Check any that apply to you.)

Star Gazing
Medical Practice
Paranormal Investigation
Weight Loss/Health

... and you want to predict, research, or track the moon, you will love this software!

Thousands of people from around the world -- people with the same interests, hobbies or careers you selected -- have taken advantage of the benefits QuickPhase Pro provides.

In the past, finding the phases of the moon or position of the moon was either inconvenient, or time-consuming, or hard to understand ... or all three. With this software, you can have moon phase data at your fingertips, always available on your desktop, with fast, immediate calculations.

You can view all kinds of past or future moon data without complicated, expensive programs, technical jargon, or slow, tedious Internet research.

I'll tell you all about the features of QuickPhase Pro in a minute, but first...

Here's What I Discovered

When I started looking for moon phase data, I immediately jumped on the Internet looking for free info. Sure enough, I found a few sources, BUT with a very annoying "gotcha": I always had to have an Internet connection so it was slow and inconvenient, and cumbersome to wade through all the data to get what I wanted.

... none of what I found was a real solution for viewing moon phases.

So I started looking for moon phase software with calendar features, but couldn't find a direct, simple, inexpensive solution anywhere. Most programs were big, expensive products, packed with astronomy technical terms and features for stars and planets and comets and you-name-it. And not surprisingly, hard to use. Sort of like using a sledgehammer to drive a nail.

Did you know that the moon's motion is harder to calculate than the earth, sun, or any of the planets?

It's true. Our friendly moon follows a complex path as it circles the earth. Why? Because unlike the planets, the moon's motion is influenced by both the sun AND the earth.

The most basic moon phase programs use what is called the "synodic period number", which is 29.5305882. It basically means that from our vantage point on Earth, the moon cycles completely in 29.5305882 days. The problem is, the moon's position (and phase) isn't perfectly "linear", so simple date arithmetic won't give accurate results.

QuickPhase Pro compensates for all that, making calculations for crazy-sounding things like the "mean anomaly", "orbit eccentricity", "parallax", "true orbital longitude" ... to churn out accurate numbers. This means that QuickPhase Pro gets within at least 1 minute of the precise moon phase at any moment in time. Amazing!

The simpler moon programs I found were either boring or unsupported or were missing a few key features. (The way I figure it, even if someone eventually comes up with a program similar to mine, it won't ever be as attractive as my entire package! Read on...)

What is the "Ideal Moon Phase Program"?

If you are like me, you want a solution that:

  • Avoids Internet connections and websites -- in other words, you want personal computer software

  • Provides the moon's phases, without the "fluff" and unnecessary information

  • Is simple, fun and easy to use

  • Is accurate anywhere in the world

  • Allows calculations for any selected point in time (year, date and time)

  • Gives detailed current moon phase information immediately -- on the opening screen, with:

  • Visual image of the moon's current phase

  • Age (how far along the moon is in a full cycle)

  • Percent full (exactly how much of the moon is illuminated)

  • Phase name (New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter Moon, Waning Crescent)

  • When the next new moon is

  • When the next full moon is

  • When the next 1st and 3rd quarter moons are

  • Position of the moon in the sky (azimuth and altitude) at your location

  • Times of moonrise and moonset for your location

  • Has calendars for fast past and future browsing ... with clickable days ... and two printable designs

  • Great graphics to simulate looking at the real moon
After my research, I realized that the program I was looking for just didn't exist, so I decided to build it myself. Several months later... QuickPhase was born!

"Never elsewhere have I seen such a simple, intuitive, and useful tool for my interest, and believe me, I've tried quite a few freeware and shareware options."

- Sarah, Louisiana, United States

"For over a year I searched the web for a daily moon calendar that would allow me just to have a quick look at the current moon phase and a glance of the month's moon phases. As a Native Hawaiian woman the moon phases are important to me. My people fish, farm, and conduct many other activities according to the phases of the moon. QuickPhase is the best over all moon calendar that I have come across. I especially think that it's features is what sets it apart from other calendars I have purchased or looked at. Once it's downloaded, it's user friendly and very useful. I am so happy with my daily use of QuickPhase that I have given this program as a gift to a dear friend and plan to gift others with QuickPhase...Oh, and affordable too!"

- Carolyn Kuali`i, Hawaii

Is it hard to use?

Nope! QuickPhase Pro gives comprehensive moon phase information, but is still incredibly simple to use. Simply pick a date and time and QuickPhase Pro will calculate moon information for that date instantly. Enter another date or click a button and instantly generate a calendar for that month.

Navigation is a breeze. Flip from the Day view to the Month view ... or go back and forth by hour, day, or month. The program features are all laid out -- nothing cryptic.

If you have a question, you can go to the handy Help Screen, and get instructions and definitions or explanations of terms.

See for yourself -- let me show you some screenshots of the program, along with explanations...

(Note that screenshots below are just graphics so they aren't clickable)

Detailed Moon Data For A Specific Time And Date

QuickPhase Pro always opens up to the current moon phase -- so you'll always know at a glance what the phase is, and where the moon is ... right now! You can also quickly see when the next new or next full moon is.

And yes - that's the REAL moon, based on an image taken from NASA's Galileo spacecraft. I wanted to use real photographic images of the moon because computer-generated graphics are so bland and uninspiring!

QuickPhase Pro has been checked for accuracy for years 1700 to 2035. But if you're curious, you can select any date and time back to the year 0 B.C., and up to 9999 A.D.

Advancing the program to the next day (by exactly 24 hours) is easy: click the double white arrows. You can also for back and forth by the hour, by clicking the single white arrows.

Easy To Adjust Settings

Changing any main setting -- like time, date, time zone, latitude, or longitude -- is easy and fast. The screenshot here (at left) demonstrates setting the time zone in the top bar.

For even more convenience, you can have all the setting fields in view in the box at the bottom of the screen (refer to the screenshot above). The box collapses and expands with one click on the little white arrow.

You can make such adjustments anytime without changing your main configuration settings. (I'll talk about the Configuration Screen in a moment.)

Monthly Calendars ... For The Past Or Future

These calendars are a valuable tool for anyone interested in predicting, researching or planning around the phases of the moon.

Simply pick a month and year, and find out the phases of the moon! For example, what was the phase of the moon when you were born? When you got hired for your job? On 9/11? Is there a pattern between your mood and the moon's phases?

You can click any moon image on the calendar and get fast details in the bar near the bottom of the calendar screen: age, percent of full, phase name, moonrise, and moonset. Want more detail? Just click any day number, and you'll be taken to the main screen with that day as the "Target Date". Nice and simple.

The 4 main quarter phases -- Full, New, First Quarter, and Last Quarter -- are marked as colored dates on the calendar.

To navigate back and forth one month at a time, you can use the white arrows on the calendar.

"I now keep QuickPhase on my desktop and check in with the moon each day. This reinforces my observations and creates a continuous context for recognizing patterns of waxing and waning, rising and setting. I appreciate QuickPhase for reviving my dialogue with the skies. And I am delighted with the calendars. The calendars alone are worth the price of the software."

- Heather Noone, Oakland, CA

Two Printable Calendar Designs To Choose From

Example of print output from each design.
Please note that onscreen quality as seen here is much lower than actual printouts.

These are high-resolution calendars, so they print beautifully on laser or inkjet printers, one calendar to a page. Notice that the calendar on the left has space reserved for a note on each day.

Every calendar you print will have the 4 main quarter phases marked.

Includes A Handy "Moon Phase Finder"

Would you like to know any upcoming quarter moon?

The "Find" screen will search for New, Full, First or Last Quarters, starting from any date and report up to 99 results at a time. So now, instead of endlessly clicking through every month, you can just press the "Find" button and let QuickPhase do all the work!

And here is an interesting feature: If you enter a month and day, you can limit the results to occurances on that date only. For example, when will a full moon fall on Christmas or the New Year or Halloween? (Hint: it doesn't happen very often!)

Quick Configuration Screen And User-Friendly Preferences

The "Configuration" setup screen allows you to save your coordinates (latitude and longitude) as well as time zone and Daylight Saving Time preference ... so it is always there every time Quickphase starts up. Do it once, and you're done.

Not only that, but there are several preferences you can set to make QuickPhase Pro convenient to use. You can change the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy, or the clock from 12-hour to 24-hour time.

To ensure you're always seeing the current moon, you can choose to have the main screen and time/date settings update dynamically every second, every 5 seconds, or every 30 seconds.

If you check the "Southern Hemisphere moon" checkbox, QuickPhase Pro will rotate all the moon images (Day view and Calendar views) to match how the moon phases appear in the Southern Hemisphere.

What People Are Saying About QuickPhase

I released the first version of QuickPhase on the Internet in June of 2002. Today, moon enthusiasts around the world are using QuickPhase to predict and research the phases of the moon.

Not surprisingly, I get most orders from the United States (particularly from the large states), but some memorable orders have come from Greece, Czech Republic, Kenya, Cyprus, and Ecuador just to name a few!

Who uses QuickPhase? Fishermen and hunters, gardeners, researchers, astrologers, astronomers, new-age, religions (of many kinds) and more.

The quotes you see running along the righthand side and elsewhere on this page are some of the emails I have received from delighted QuickPhase owners.

Looking for more "proof"? Click here to view all 121 full comments from satisfied QuickPhase Pro owners.

So How Much Does It Cost?

The truth is, as much as I've enjoyed creating this software, it has required a ton of time and effort. So far, I've spent at least 150 hours on programming, research and development. I charge $60 per hour for custom projects, but of course I want to keep the price of QuickPhase Pro as low as possible so anyone can benefit from having the program. Now you can take instant advantage of all my hard work and research.

"I am thrilled with the purchase. I have never found a better reference for moon phases! ... I have to say the accuracy and speed are what attracts me most. Moon phases at a glance. Terrific purchase and excellent value for the money. Thank you."

- M.D., Canada

"Recommending QuickPhase is easy. It was a quick decision for me and I am delighted with your program ... some people buy programs just because they like neat stuff, and your program is neat stuff. By the way all gardners should purchase this program because gardening by the moon phases really works. My roses are spectacular."

- Dana Haynes, California, United States

"QuickPhase is a wonderful program to know the precise moon condition at any given time. I am very glad to have found this program. I think most everyone has an interest in the moon and QuickPhase is well worth the cost to provide such a vast amount of information about the moon."

- Jesse Moore, Clinton, MS, USA

QuickPhase Pro costs just US$19.95 (UPDATE: As part of a special marketing test, I am dropping the price to US$9.95 ... see order form below for details). This includes FREE tech support if you have any questions.

The download option also comes with FREE Extended Download Service, with no time limit. This means you can re-download your software at any time, whatever the reason -- upgraded computer, computer crash, stolen computer, virus, etc.

On the other hand, if you don't like downloading or cannot download, you can choose a beautifully-designed CD to always have on hand.

I am sure I don't have to tell you that this kind of support is rare. The makers of the popular Norton Antivirus software, for instance, charge you for Extended Download Service, and it is limited to one year! You can't even get free tech support these days. For example, if you want Microsoft Word support, you need to pay for it. Even then, those plans always expire. So you are indeed getting a lot of free benefits when you buy QuickPhase Pro.

This package is a one-time purchase. It's not an ongoing monthly or yearly subscription and there are no time limits. There are no hidden fees or "gotcha's".

Immediately after you order, you will be sent to a thank-you page with a special access link to download the software (if you chose that option). At the same time, access information will be emailed to you. So even if you order the CD, there's no need to wait for the postman before you start using it.

Less than 10 minutes from now you could have QuickPhase Pro downloaded to your own computer and be up and running!

I'll also give you some very cool FREE BONUS GIFTS with your order. You'll love them. But first let me tell you about my guarantee...

You Don't Risk A Cent With My Ironclad, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You don't need to decide now if QuickPhase Pro is what you are looking for. Take advantage of my Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Use it to convert your purchase into a "no risk take-it-home-for-a-test-drive" 90-day trial.

In other words...
Purchase and then decide.

This guarantee is my personal promise to you:

Get your own copy of QuickPhase Pro and try it out. I know you'll really enjoy having it around and find it very handy. If you don't agree that it is the easiest and most enjoyable way to explore the phases of the moon, then simply ask anytime within the next 60 days (two full months) and I will give you a full refund of your digital download purchase immediately. No questions asked. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep as my thanks for giving it a try! It will cost you nothing. (If you decide to get the CD, simply return it for a full refund minus shipping and handling.) This is an absolute guarantee. No ifs, ands or buts.


Here Are The FREE Bonus Gifts I Was Telling You About...

With your order today, you will get these bonuses. You'll love these little gems!

FREE BONUS GIFT: StarMessage Special Edition screensaver - a $9.95 value

Write a message in the stars! This is a unique Windows screensaver with features and configuration options that go far beyond the ordinary screensaver! It shows you the current moon set inside a beautiful, deep-space backdrop of stars. You can type your name or a message and the stars will move around to form your message. Hear relaxing sounds of ocean waves, birds, and more. It can even notify you of new email!

"Star Message is the best. If you are looking for a screensaver that is fascinating, educational, calming in our busy, busy lives, try it. It's worth it. I'm always looking for something different, that's new, innovative, creative and beautiful."
-- Ann F. Lindwall, Seattle, WA

"This is by far the very best screen saver one can find. Have had since 98 and wouldn't change it for one second."
-- Sherry Smothers, Sarasota, FL

System Requirements: Windows (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8)

FREE BONUS GIFT: "Images of the Moon" e-Book - an $8.95 value

This ebook features over 30 striking moon images and animations -- the best you can find anywhere. It took me over 17 hours to find all these images and compile them together. I did all the work ... now you can simply open the ebook and enjoy the pictures.

This is an exclusive gift -- the only way you can get this ebook is by ordering QuickPhase Pro or LE.

The ebook contains stunningly beautiful images of lunar and solar eclipses, crater closeups, and moon phases from top astronomy photographers Fred Espenak, David Hawoth, and Forrest Egan. The eclipse images are almost unbelievable.

You can also view over a dozen of the highest quality, most popular and classic NASA moon-exploration photographs, hand-picked from among hundreds. Almost every image in the book also has an enlarged version so you can see great detail. Some (but not all) of the images can be printed freely for reports or whatever you desire.

System Requirements: Windows (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8)

  FREE BONUS GIFT: Wallpaper/Background Images For Your Computer

The amazing image to the left is the moon (front) and the planet venus (back). It is not computer generated or an artists rendering. It is an actual photograph captured by the spacecraft Clementine in 1994. I've created a vertical and a horizontal version for you to choose from.

You can also download images of ... a stunning eclipse ... a glorious scene of the Indian Ocean and sunlit clouds from space ... a breathtaking view of the eye of Hurricane Emily from space, complete with a large, rising half moon ... a panoramic view of Earth and black space with a small, lonely figure of an astronaut floating in the distance (he used a jet-propelled backpack to go far from the safety of his ship -- you've gotta see this one!) ... and more.

The images are large (1024x768 or 1280x1024) so I can't show them directly, but take a look at some thumbnails:

You can get all these and more in beautiful detail, for free, after you place your order for QuickPhase Pro or QuickPhase LE!

System Requirements: None (usable on any operating system)

"Okay, I Want QuickPhase Pro! What Do I Do Now?"

It's easy to order. All you need to do is click the Add To Cart button for the product(s) of your choice. You'll be taken to the shopping cart, and from there you can complete your purchase on our secure, private checkout page. The whole process only takes a minute or two. After you place your order, you'll see a download link on the "thank you" (receipt) page. If you also get the CD, it will be processed and put in the mail for you.

No matter which option you choose, you will have access to the download so you don't have to wait in order to start using the software. You can have the software in just a few minutes.

Go ahead and scroll down ... and click the order link below.

moon phases software YES, I want to enjoy the quick and easy way to view the phases of the moon!

Please give me immediate access to this amazing software at the limited-time discount price. I understand I will receive the following as part of this package:
  • The same easy, powerful software that people around the world are successfully using ... including fishermen, hunters, gardeners, hikers, scientists, astrologers, astronomers, star gazers, medical practitioners, New Agers, paranormal investigators, military leaders, religious groups and more.
  • Up-to-the-second, extremely accurate moon phase details (U.S. Naval Observatory type accuracy)
  • Past and future moon details for hundreds of years
  • Moon details for any date include phase percentage, phase name, age, percent of full, quarter moons (new, full, first, last), position of the moon in the sky, and moonrise/moonset
  • Calendar views, shown month by month ... incredibly easy to navigate
  • Two printable calendar designs
  • A quarter moon phase finder (lists all the upcoming quarter moons starting from any given date)
  • User friendly preferences such as date format, refresh rate and Southern Hemisphere view
  • GUARANTEED spyware, adware and virus free
  • FREE Extended Download Service: Re-download your software any time, for any reason, no time limit
  • FREE Tech Support: Email customer support for free, responsive tech help and answers to questions
  • FREE BONUS GIFT: StarMessage Special Edition screensaver - a $9.95 value
  • FREE BONUS GIFT: "Images of the Moon" e-book - an $8.95 value
  • FREE BONUS GIFT: Beautiful moon wallpaper for your computer

I understand I have no risk, because this is a take-it-home-for-a-test-drive purchase, 100% Guaranteed Refundable, no questions asked ... and I can keep the free bonuses no matter what!

System Requirements:
System Requirements: Windows (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8)
(Basically, if you have Windows, it will work)


Choose Your Product

QuickPhase Pro (Download)
The popular, everything-included, "bells-and-whistles" downloadable moon phase software with all the features, benefits and FREE bonuses described above. The ultimate lunar program for anyone interested in the moon, whatever the reason. This is a fast, instant download over the Internet. File size: 2.8 megabytes.

Only $19.95 $9.95 (Limited Time)

QuickPhase Pro (CD+Download)
Would you like to download QuickPhase Pro AND get a CD in the mail? Choose this option and I'll mail a beautiful, professionally-designed CD to you in a jewel case. You will ALSO get instant download access to the software, exactly like the first option above. The CD contains QuickPhase Pro and the FREE bonuses described above, and will be mailed within 2 - 5 business days.

Only $29.95 $19.95 (Limited Time)

One-time payment - Absolutely No Rebilling!

We ALSO ACCEPT PayPal, eChecks, personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, International Bank Drafts, in addition to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card., parent company of, will be handling your order.

Merchant Services

Best Wishes,

David Rose

P.S. Remember -- if you aren't totally thrilled with QuickPhase Pro and what it delivers, you get an immediate full refund plus you get to keep the free bonus gifts. Use and test the software now and then decide!

P.P.S. The reduced price of $9.95 (50% off) for the download option or $19.95 (33% off) for the CD+Download is part of a special marketing test and for a limited time only, until the testing period is over ... at which time the price may go back up and you must pay the regular price.

Still not convinced you should buy QuickPhase Pro? Then read a few more comments received from some of my customers:

"Just a short note to let you know that QuickPhase Pro was about the best $20 bucks I have ever spent on a computer program. I love the product. Simple, quick and effective. The program is invaluable for planning my astronomy sessions. QuickPhase Pro is out of this world (pun intended) compared to some of the other junk moon programs I have used. Don't know how I did my hobby without it. Good job and thank you! ... P.S. I have no idea who you are and nobody asked or paid me to say this. I am simply of the opinion that everyone needs a little credit when it is due."

- Mike, South Pasadena, CA

"I LOVE INFORMATION!!! I'm the kinda person who always knows what's 'number 1' or the speed of sound or whatever! However, who ever knows what the moon's doing? ME!! QuickPhase is just great ... I've told loads of people about QuickPhase I think it's fantastic and would always recommend anyone to buy it."

- Paul Driscoll, London, UK

"I write to thank you for your stellar initiative discovering my mistake of accidentally double ordering the moon phase software on-line. Your honesty and exemplary service are quite refreshing in the quickly changing and increasingly faceless world wide internet retail industry. Other vendors could stand to follow your excellent customer care measures, so again, thanks and best wishes to you and your business. Also, the software is great. I enjoy what Iíve seen of it so far."

- Eric WK Hanson AIA, Minneapolis, MN

"I got everything, THANKS!! I LOVE my new moon phase package!!! It is so cool how you can see the current phase of the moon, what it was like on any given day in the past, and what it will be in the future at any date. This is way too cool! And I love the wallpaper and the screensaver as well."

- Rachel Yamamoto, California

"I am very pleased to inform you that I have downloaded QuickPhase Pro and played around with it. IT'S GREAT and well worth the money spent for it!"

- Tziona Y. Nelson, New Jersey


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View all 121 Testimonials From QuickPhase Pro Users
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* * *

"QuickPhase Pro! What an outstanding program! It's simple and easy to use, yet it gives me all the data I'm looking for. I'm the Observing Site Director for the Maple Valley Astronomical Society, (http://sky.maple, and schedule observing events for the club. Your program allows me to quickly find not only the phase of the moon, but just as important, the rise and set times as well. Thanks for the great program!"

- James Milstid, Washington

* * *

"I am a retired Naval Officer who commanded a US Navy ship. Obviously, celestial navigation is a topic near and dear to my heart.

So, when my 9 year old daughter was studying the phases of the moon, I was eager to make her understand how the moon phases work. Her teacher assigned her the task of observing the moon each night and then draw and label the phase.

Unfortunately, moon rise many nights is well after her bed time. So, I found your software the perfect tool to help her understand what the moon should be on a certain night and how it moves through its phases each month.

The software quickly eliminated any confusion she has and made it easy for her to fully appreciate the magnificence of the sky.

Thanks for a great product."

- Bill Lewis, Virginia

* * *

"I run a non-profit making weather station that supplies quality weather data to the local community. Information of lunar phases is contained within the almanac released in our Daily Weather Report. I have found it to be very accurate in relation to previous sites/software I have been using."

- Mike Lewis
Pitsford Hall Weather Station

* * *

"Having spent about 30 years studying fish and game activity in relation to moon times, it didn't take me a whole lotta time on your website to decide that QuickPhase Pro was indeed just what I'd been looking for. I find it a facinating little program that's very user friendly and has more than met my every expectation. Thanks again for a job well done!"

- Dan Porteous, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

* * *

"I do enjoy your program, it is very useful to me. I am a 5th grade elementary school teacher and one of our science standards is the phases of the moon. Your program, including the printable calendars, is a great way for my students to see the moon in action. They have been observing and drawing the moon for the last month and they double check their observations with your program. I am very happy with the software and I did enjoy all the bonuses, there were some great pictures to share with my class."

- Francisco Aguilar

* * *

"It is very useful to paranormal investigators to take all enviromental factors into consideration. By recording what particular phase the moon is in for each investgation, we can establish whether there are any patterns emerging. Activity may be more prominent during certain phases. A full moon for instance. Quickphase Pro is a quick and easy point of reference. We would highly recommend this program to other paranormal investigators to help them in their endeavours to record all relevant information about the enviroment."

- Vincent Crewe, Wakefield, UK

* * *

"I think your calendar is great! It's the best I've seen, and I've looked around a lot for these calendars."

- Raevynne Dale, Vancouver, BC Canada

* * *

"I just installed your program on my computer at work, and it's beautiful. I can't wait to get home and put it on my home computer. I just wanted to let you know, I've been looking for a decent moon phase calendar for a long time, I'm glad I finally came around yours ... I absolutely love the program."

- Michelle Pellot, New York

* * *

"G'day David, I use QuickPhase Pro for commercial fishing. It is an excellent tool to plan fishing trips, as most pelagic species act [e.g bite/travel / show on the surface]during differing moon phases. It is also invaluable to include in reports and allows clear visual comparisons with the moon phase and fish showings/catches. Top buy. Cheers."

- Niel Austin, Port Lincoln, South Australia

* * *

"As soon as I purchased QPP, the weather turned depressing around here for nearly 4 days. The clouds finally broke today in time for me to catch an early evening sunrise. This isnít the best shot and hopefully not the best moonrise I will ever capture, but I thought I would send it along just to say thank you. Iím sure itís no surprise to you, but the moon rose exactly where QuickPhase Pro said it would. This is an infrared shot on the Batavia / Fox River Walk in Batavia, Illinois."

Craig Wassel

* * *

"The software is super easy to install and run and is very accurate. I can look at the calendar for tomorrow night and tell the combat patrol leader with confidence that he will be working under a 1st Quarter Crescent moon. That is a very good piece of information that he can use to better prepare his men and needed equipment. Thank you for making such a wonderful program."

- Sargent B., From somewhere in the "Sunni Triangle", A Co 120th INF (M) FSNCO

* * *

"I have used Quick Phase primarily in deer hunting applications. I have been a very successful deer hunter for many years and had long suspected that the moon phases had a lot to do with the movements or lack of, where deer are concerned. Not only have I been seeing larger numbers of deer, since I started using "Quick Phase" I am seeing more trophy quality racks than ever before ... I would recommend "Quick Phase" to any serious hunter. Learn the application and use it in conjunction with situations, like the rut, and you will see more deer than you may have thought possible.

- Larry Vincent, Ruffin, SC, Colleton

* * *

"I bought this product to help me with my one of my assignments that I am doing for my GCSE in Astronomy. I think Quick phase pro is brilliant and am so glad I downloaded the software. I have told all my friends how brilliant it is."

- Miss E L Parker, United Kingdom

* * *

"I am using the QuickPhase Pro package in a workshop on the phases of the moon with 1st grade elementary teachers. Many of the activities listed for teachers to do with students in the curriculum require nightly observations; this program allows use to virtually observe the phases so the teachers have quick experience in identifying the phases of the moon within the activities. I don't have to hunt for a site on the internet and hope it is there when I need it. I will let the teachers know about the program and how easy it was to purchase it. "

- Cheryl Wood, Florida

* * *

"I am very happy with QuickPhase Pro. It is simple to install, simple to use, and aesthetically appealing ... It tells me exactly where the moon is in the waxing/waning cycle, which reveals the basis of my emotional life. Thank you for a straightforward, affordable product which does exactly what it says it will do."

- Lilly Ambrose, Georgia

* * *

"We use quickphase for accurately setting the moonphase on the grandfather clocks we sell. The software is simple to install & use and well worth the purchase. We would recommend the software to anyone as not only does it help us in our field it supplies a lot of interesting information."

Peter, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

* * *

"I really like QuickPhase Pro in the short time I have had it. I am an amateur astronomer and I use it for planning my observing, both of the Moon and of deep sky objects (when the Moon is a source of light pollution!). ;-) I especially like its "portability", the fact that it doesn't have to be installed in Windows and stored in the bowels of MicroSloth's registry. It is neat and quick and easy to use."

- George Reynolds, Virginia

* * *

"Since I bought this program I've grown to love it. Easy, bug-less (in my experience) and always there! If you can't have the moon, this is the next best thing. It's handy, attractive, simple and seemingly foolproof (which in my case is essential)."

- Patrick Moore, Illinois

* * *

"This is a beautiful, fun and simple program to operate ... I like the deep space look of the images of the calendar, the realism of the moon images, and also the daily "specs". I printed out the monthly calendar as a reference document. In all, its a very welcome product!"

- Jerry M.

* * *

"I love this software!!!!! I use it daily just to keep track of the moon phases. I recommend it highly! This software is easy to use and well worth the small price to have this information at your access."

- Diana, Dallas, TX, USA

* * *

"I purchased QuickPhase primarily because of a passive interest in the moon - after all, it there night in night out! I have however used the data in the production of reports on street lighting where the light of the moon will have and influence on readings taken. I would recommend QuickPhase to others because it is dynamic, easy to use and comes at a realistic price."

- Graham Lott, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, UK

* * *

"I use QuickPhase each year in the fall in the second grade classroom when we're charting the different phases of the moon."

- Kerri, Massachusetts, United States

* * *

"As a Scout leader, I've used the program to see how much light we'll have setting up camp ... The new version is great as it adds the moonrise and moonset times. This makes the new QuickPhase the most readable and aesthetically pleasing program I've seen on the web."

- Toby Griffen, Edwarsdville, Illinois, USA

* * *

"I used it for my astronomy project to show the phases of the moon throughout a month. I put in my location coordinates and printed a picture of every moon phase, per day, on photographic paper. Then I mounted each picture on a coloured piece of card, depending on the type of phase, and stuck the description by the side of each one, and all on an A1 piece of lilac card. I received 36/40 for this and another project. So you can see how fantastic it was for me. I did explain that I used software to do it, but now wish I'd written that on the card to publicise your software. A fantastic piece of software showing everything you could ever need at any time, in a very impressive display. All from a simple program."

- Ralph, Brighton/Leuven, England/Belgium

* * *

"Have used the program for past year with very successful results. Am a watch collector with multiple moon phase chronographs which i synchronize to the program."

- Martin D Levine

* * *

"Thank you for this neat program. For my money, I get quite a bit of use from it to look up what weekend evenings will have a full or near full moon so that I can schedule moon-lit walks in the outdoors. I also use it for teaching children about the moon's phases and how they affect the earth. It is an inexpensive means of finding phases of the moon quickly and easily. No thinking necessary! When I need to know when there is a full moon on a weekend day, I simply scroll to the month I am interested in or use the convenient search tool."

- Tony Loftin, Sacramento, California, United States

* * *

"I am an astro-amateur but every year I have to get ready an astronomical calendar (very filled with astronomical data and, by this reason, very requested by the Italian Astronomical Clubs). Your program helps me a lot building the table showing the daily aspect of the moon, month by month, I was compelled to do choosing and copying the various aspects (365/366 in leap years) day by day! This is a gem! Compliments and thanks, David!"

- Luciano Ugolini, Prato, PO, Italy

* * *

"I am a fisherman and I use it all the time to check the moon phases. I like the ease of use and how you can print the month out and leave it on your boat. It is very clear and clean on the computer and the colors are great ... I have recommended it to my fellow fishing buddies in Michigan and Ohio. This is a great tool to fish with and how easy it is to view and use."

- Nick Paris, Adrian, MI., USA

* * *

"I use quickphase mainly just to see what the moon is doing and for religious reasons. I used to be bummed when I'd miss the full moon. Because I use my computer on a daily basis, it is really cool having access to the phases. I have REALLY enjoyed the screen saver as well. If you find yourself bummed out because you "missed" the full moon or any other phase you enjoy, use the moon for religious purposes, or just because you Love the moon....I totally recommend this program. It's great!"

- Luna, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

* * *

"I love QuickPhase!! It has been a wonderful way to help me mark and celebrate the precise times of moon phases. *In my spiritual practice I mark and work with moon phases - both new and full* It's the easiest to understand, most accurate and is so very simple to use. I am grateful to have found this product and consider it's meager expense to have been more than worthwhile. Thank you!!"

- Ali, U

* * *

"I am so extremley pleased with my purchase of QuickPhase Pro. I use the software for astrological purposes. Knowing exactly the moon's phases at my exact location is truly awesome. This is one program I've never regretted purchasing. "

- Tracey Gentry, Petersburg, Virginia, USA

* * *

"QuickPhase is a program well worth the money. I have seen may other moon phase calculators on the internet, this is by far the best. It offers far more functionality than any others I have seen ... If a person is looking for a well designed moon phase calculator, this is the one to go with. It even allows the printing of calendars with a variety of styles.

- SplinterPaw

* * *

"Hi, I love the program. It is just what I have been looking for. The free programs and backgrounds are also great. I have used several others and they don't compare to yours at all. Keep up the great work."

- Jerry Burton, Tennessee

* * *

"Quick Phase is quite simply one of the best software purchases I have ever made. Thank you! Quick, simple, easy to use, accurate and fun: the perfect way to keep in touch with the moon's phases."

- David Hand, Manchester, England

* * *

"Many software packages do not deliver what is expected but I am pleased to say that QuickPhase surpassed mine. The set up was easy and I can now accurately track the moon cycles in written and graphical representations. I would recommend to any PC user that has an interest in the moon."

- Tino Fenech, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

* * *

"To all those people who are not sure you will enjoy this program: I am surprised that having no specific need that I LOVE IT. The bonus features are not to be overlooked either, it is great to look at the screen saver and see the moon rising and setting in the same phase you would see if you looked out the window. I have also used the application to give my friends and family a calender and a print out of what the moon was doing on the day that THEY were born. It is always an original hit!"

- Lorne James, Canada

* * *

"I was originally an Astrophysicist and now I am studying ancient religions. I use Quick Phase to research phases of the moon and its effects on people and politics. Because I travel all over the world and also need phases of the moon in different locations for my research, the convenience of changing location and ease of use I would give Quick Phase 5 stars."

- Carole, New York, USA, Fance, Israel

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